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About Aviation Discoveries

Aviation Discoveries INC. focus is to provide an exhilarating and educational experience in a hands on interactive environment. and is designed to expose young children to aviation and aerospace through age appropriate activities, stories, movies and field trips as well as guest speakers. We will have various types of Speakers, experiments, field trips, building of model aircraft , as well as building and launching of rockets. Therefore the Aviation Discoveries Inc. STEM to Soar curriculum is intended to provide the participants with the skills that they need to attend college and ultimately pursue sought-after careers that are satisfying, meaningful, and give back to their community.


Aviation Discoveries Curriculum

Scope of Work
The purpose of this unique program is to provide an array of supplementary activities which will be used to enrich the students’ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education.

Pilots study how flight factors may change due to weather. It can influence things like what altitude (high or low) to fly at and which runway is safe to land on.​

Fly-by-wire” technology translates the pilot’s actions into electronic signals, which computers use to manipulate flight controls.​

This engineering field deals with the creation, design, and maintenance of travel machines, including airplanes missiles, helicopters, satellites and spacecraft.​

Pilots use a lot of math everyday. We have to make sure we take enough fuel for the flight; work out how much the plane weighs so we’re not too heavy (fuel burn) to take off and land; decide how fast to fly; how far we need to descend and when to slow down( maintain airspeed and altitude); and how much runway we need to land on.​

Students will participate in oral discussion as well as engage with individuals that work in various careers.

Meet Our Team

Aviation Discoveries Inc. is the result of a vision and commitment of Shatequa Hamilton, a former Educator, who has encompassed the air transport industry serving in the capacity of International Flight Attendant, Private Pilot and Aviation Ground Instructor and Mentor. Shatequa has over 15 years of practical experience in the aviation industry as well as volunteering in many areas , from working in airport operations to volunteering to educate elementary to high school students in this field. Mrs. Hamilton decided to combine her passion of flying with her love of teaching. She realized by working in the field of Aviation that the careers are endless and relatable to many of the career choices that are set before our youth today. She also understands what is needed to drive success to the Aviation/Aerospace STEM to Soar program that she implemented to explore an area that will address the shortage that aviation professionals are faced with today. She has hopes that her advanced understanding of the national aerospace industry can assist in achieving corporate goals and advancing industry benchmarks of excellence.
Shatequa Hamilton

Shatequa Hamilton

“Take-off is Optional, Landing is Mandatory”